2017 Book Challenges

I am not going overboard with challenges this year – I think I really overdid it last year. Ha!
So, I’m doing the Goodreads Challenge – I’m aiming for 50 books!
In addition, I’m also going to loosely aim to complete the  Popsugar and Book Riots Read Harder challenges. [I printed them out]. If I can complete them, great; if not, I’m not going to worry about.
I reading a lot less and that’s okay. I still love books; I’m just not reading 4 a week.

I actually started re-reading the Harry Potter Series – I haven’t read it in years and I’m really enjoying it!
Happy Reading All!


Review: Death of a Guru by Doug Greenall


It’s 1992, and not all is paradise on the white sand beaches of Thailand.
Magnus Larsen is a young American yearning for home when a strange series of events brings him face to face with a charismatic guru. A dynamic friendship ensues, and Magnus is drawn into an intrigue that exhilarates and terrifies him.
Devon Clarke, a man with a tortured past, has reinvented himself as the guru Dadaram, and his plan for his own spiritual redemption is brutal. He uses Anna, a beautiful and obedient devotee, to ensnare Magnus in a scheme that tears his life apart, and leads him on an obsessive, murderous pursuit throughout Southeast Asia.
A tale of murder and revenge wrapped in layers of mystery, it’s also an epic odyssey of the spirit that brings Magnus to a shocking conclusion (x)

Review originally published June 30, 2015   LibraryThing // Goodreads

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
An intriguing premise with a captivating beginning ultimately failed to deliver. While I did enjoy the prose of the book, I felt the pacing was off and ended up dragging the narrative far longer than was necessary. This book was not for me.

Review:The Winkler Case by David Greene


The Winkler Case is a gay reimagining of the classic noir novel, Double Indemnity.  When insurance salesman Elliot Blake meets a handsome boxer at the home of promoter Walt Winkler, he begins to learn the truth about the boxer’s bargain with the promoter, and about his own desires.  Suspenseful and colorfully narrated, The Winkler Case explores the predicaments of two gay men in Chicago in 1948, and the hidden desires that lead to murder.
Playing on the premise of James M Cain’s novel, Double Indemnity, The Winkler Case pushes Cain’s vision of obsessive desire in a new and unexpected direction. (x)

Review originally published June 11, 2015  LibraryThing // Goodreads

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
A great re-imagining of an old classic, the Winkler Case is a fast paced, intriguing murder mystery. I love the fact that the author chose to do a gay retelling as it adds a depth and realism that I appreciate. Though the ending was a tad abrupt, it remains a solid read. Recommended.

Back to Hogwarts II

Another year, another September 1st, and everyone is still pining away and wishing Hogwarts was real. [And yes, I am part of that group]
Instead of writing another post about this, I will direct you to my fantastic post from last year – which still sums up my thoughts on the matter.
Please click here.

Despite the towering amount of books in my TBR pile, I am seriously considering a Harry Potter re-read!

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